Blink of home far away. 

We are inching towards the closing of another year, 2015. I’m sure the only sentence you must be uttering right now would “oh it passed away so fast, I never realised.” True. Happens to us every year doesn’t it? Beautiful things have happened to all of us; all of us have gone through things we weren’t meant to, things have happened nonetheless. Tiny little question that popped up in my head, did we find home finally? In our relentless search for things that make sense, have you found “ghar”? The home where you are a melted pot of butter. The home where you don’t need heaters because cozy is always the word of the day. The home where the cold, beautiful waters of the glaciers greet you when you enter after a hard day of work. Finally if you really have found home, what is it? Is it the true definition of home the way construction companies sell it? Is it the brick mortar and paint or is it something else? Is it your own state of mind? I do really hope it’s your own self. That’s the place you can be yourself. 
“Ujjla hi ujjla shahar hoga jismein hum tum banayenge ghar” 
Robbie had introduced me to this song called Ghar by Piyush Mishra. The moment I heard it I fell in love with Robbie all over again. Not that it was possible but it did happen. Since I’ve known him, the deep feeling of being at home has never left me. His arms really do call out like the mother who lays down warm chicken soup on the table on a cold winter night. He’s all that and more. But it’s not about my story. It’s yours, it’s all of ours. How the need of a home trumps the need for all the money for clothes, gadgets and fame! Humanity has never been as homeless as it is now. Living in mansions and haven’t really felt what being at home is. We come back to a place to rest our tired bodies every night, we come back to the same schedule of programs we TiVo every night, we come back to the same little pattern of weekly food plans. We come back to our comfortable monotony. We have ceased wondering about what our home is. We sing songs about things that we miss constantly, we rue the absence of a place or person unknown. But do you or me; have we ever thought of what we have but never been in? You can be right there in your sprawling apartment, with everything done well by that really famous interior decorator who charged you a quarter of your savings. You have people coming along to see your house and exclaim at the use of Murano glass in your tables, or the teak wood in your bed frame. Whatever you did, you did well. One day, you have a small child come into your drawing room and exclaim how much your house resembles a hotel. You then stop in your tracks and wonder if you spent all that money on frivolous details. But the mother of this child will tell you how stupid her child is, chide him for being too loud. Your conscious thoughts of how uselessly you’ve spent your money start fading away and you again fill yourself up with pride at the house you have at present. It’s not home, it’s your model of status and fame. This will only take you there but never beyond, consciously or unconsciously. 

Your home will be one where the lights of the galaxies shine with the one you’re staring into. Your home will be the kind poets talk about; full of love, respect and all that is dear to you. Your home is one where your favourite songs are on loop but you never tire of listening to them. Your home, where you know, that bubble where you and your partner reside. The one where you come to tired and hang yourself to the silken threads of all things beautiful. The one which takes your tiredness away. The one where your horizons touch and stars fall beneath your feet. You shall make this realm jealous. Even though home will forever elude you, you still know how deep in your heart home resides. It’s you and him, you and her. All you will talk of, think about, see and feel is them. All of them is home for you, all of home is them for you. We talk about stepping out of our comfort zones, it’s only the parts of yourself that you just don’t need anymore. You need to see what and how best those can be shaken off of you. It’s always only a matter of time. You have everything you’ll always ever need. Home will forever be in you. In your arms, in your eyes, in your touch, home is all of you. 


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