Treasure chests of a deep sea

Caskets. Wood, gold, bronze and iron. The small little box which held my wrinkled, black heart. Let me now throw it into the sea. You’ve kept looking at the box hoping to open it with just an ‘Open Sesame’. But no, it’s wont be so easy, will it? It’s a box with keys to its locks. That box is a not just a cold, closed fist. So let’s hold hands and bump it off in the sea? It won’t bother you, it won’t bother me. That heart is the root of all of our parasites. The kind that linger between us, sucking out life out of us, bringing us close to the gates of hell. We need to just hold on to each other’s fingers tight and throw this casket. At the deep ends of the sea, nobody is going to bother that little monster lying inside the velvetine box. We made it look so pretty, this box, only for it to be designated to hold the meanest treasure ever. The one for heartbreaks. The one for distancing us and the one for all the lies and pain. This black little monster deserves to be thrown away.
Let’s get me to grow a new one. Won’t be that hard, right? We need each other. We need our faith and our new beliefs. Let’s also change our lives while we’re at it. You’ll be the one who I worship, I’ll be the one that you might need. We should spin out new dreams, goals and destinations. Look, I see the skeleton of a live heart. Now what else do we need? Let’s fly away into a single thought. Join heads, gaze and weave one thought. We might just connect points, flashes of light, the way Harry Potter’s wand connected with that of Voldemort. But okay, neither of us are enemies of each other. We have to make sure of that. We have had very less time with each other, we need to increase that exponentially. The runny threads of that time will be the stuffing for this new heart. How about you whisper sweet nothings in my ear while I sleep? Maybe the space in this heart will increase. Let’s try new things, let’s fly away in your plane. Let’s jump from the sky and feel death staring at our faces. Let’s imagine life on the run from the world. This new little organ grows slowly. But it really is taking shape. Let’s try more things. Let’s start kissing slowly, feeling every nook and cranny of our bodies. Feeling our heavy breaths on naked skin. You see what’s happening? We have a heart here. It’s still now alive. It needs to beat. Needs to beat to your breathing. Needs to beat to your voice and touch. Talk to me, open up with me. I have a hole here, help me fill it up. Kiss my flaws, hold my hands tight. Tell me you love me, but don’t come to hurt me. Hold me close under your chest, protect my dreams. I’ll do the same. All this and more. I’ll touch your face, smile with you, promise you the world, kiss your pain goodbye.
This new, beating, junkyard organ now beats for you. The way it’s happy, it’s only glad to be doing this everyday.


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