Wild women, free men.

Wild women, free men;

Wreaths of elder flowers sitting carelessly upon her head

Bangles of pebbles from streams where lay the dead

To see into the fire that takes her far

The door to her cave left a little ajar

He comes into her mood like the hailstorm of a century

Amongst all the witty words, he holds his battered heart dearly

She looks at him like the new cherry blossoms of this season

To move into her, is his only reason

Wild women; free men

As she sits on the hill, looking up at the sky

He banks around, watches her below, shows her how he flies

She looks up to the plane with hope inside

All the more making her want to step aside

Wild women; free men

They tried to lay together,

It only happens in different dimensions

She now tries to call out to him

He was only the fragment of her future, coming back to stroke her hair

Wild women; free men.


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