The remaining wisps of hope fade away

On days when thoughts mirror the weather,

Whole lands and water bodies, limited to a mind going astray

Where was the moon when it needed to shine?

Where were the stars as specks of the divine?

Needs and wants, playing like quarelling children

Hopes and nightmares holding on like leeches to a stream

A billion soul mates, neither one too perfect

Eyes with a pretence of well being

Lips with the quiver of a dying dream.

Solar, lunar, celestial, bodies strewn across the limited time-space continuum

Heart beats with a regular ultimatum

Insanity, sanity flitting between grey curtains of a small brain

Cobwebs cleared up from pasts of pain.

Steps towards a futile future, steps back in the past

The consciousness not with the means to last.

 All the directed thoughts towards one sweet soul

Pushed down by them on stairs, on a roll.

Individual hands, solitary faces and reckless dreams

Waking days spent in nightmare screams.

Of all the breaths gone away in awry desperation

Breathing in a few extra to make up for consolation.

Hope comes back, the wisps refusing to die out

On a planet of barren bodies and vacant screams

Everyday is all about the search of a dream.


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