Hamartia, the fatal flaw.

Once upon a time, not too long ago, a book was released called The Fault in Our Stars. This book gave us a term, now used widely, ‘hamartia’; a tragic flaw. When we talk of hamartia, our relationships, our mindsets and your complete being come into question as being a product of this word. Hamartia. The truth wherein lies the way to finding yourself.
Parents, lovers, siblings and friends. We all have relationships with them. We fail to recognize the fault within ourselves for compensating for the flaws they show us. We needlessly tire ourselves out, showing them their faults, their shortcomings and finally stopping when an apology is paid. I say paid because it takes a part of everyone to own up and apologize. Faultlines are created. Egos clash and it takes some time for anger to subside. But there’s no sunshine, no happiness when a knife frozen and stuck to your heart brings you down as fast as the water tumbling down from the edge of a mountain. The nit picking, annoyances and nuances of picking passive aggressive fights with the people close to us. It is a human trait to always put egos above love, anger over patience and negativity beyond the heart. We make false promises to change, hold hands with our lovers and tell them to stick by, not once bothered with what they may be hurting from. This is our fatal flaw, our hamartia.
We try hard, we try so hard to be what we were meant to be. Looking up at stars in the sky, wishing hard upon them. We hardly notice our existence as an unindividualistic trait of just being human, whereas we hope for extraordinary treatment because existing as one in a population of equal humans, is being special. So many lies, so much hate and all of the pain. Every child dead in a war, killing his/her parents over and over again, everyday. Every loss of a parent for a child is already his existence in a broken shell of flesh and bones, without heart or soul. Their lives coming down to identifying charred bodies by single patches of skin, a remaining body part or by the clothes they wore. The palpable sadness of a dying world only brought to a sliver of normalcy with our minds at peace. Are you at peace? Peace becoming the rhetoric of a planet challenged with having to keep up with dying species, rising sea levels, wars, destruction, and a cumulative sadness generated by the ghosts of the many dying every day. No amount of treaties signed, Peace Corps deployed or education imparted will ever change the fatal flaws of our existence. Forever cursed to be the inhumane humans of the present times, we wear make up, falsely love our neighbors, and surprise our lovers while we look for happiness everywhere else. In the midst of creating a perfect world, amongst all of our cloud 9’s, we failed to see the need for more flowers, children, innocence, and laughter. While men and women died in a war for fuel supremacy, the others were only really bothered where a new sale was going on or tried to setup their brand new home theatre systems.
Within this mess, many of us try to live and not merely exist. The loneliness drifts us further apart from our own kind; we put on smiles for the world, try to enjoy senseless partying, shopping and spend money like there’s no tomorrow while the slow stab of impatience hints at our slipping time. Driving us crazy from the cumulated sadness and pain in our own homes, we lose our minds. Call us whatever you want, we stay sane. We do not have hamartia, we are the hamartians.


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