Fight back.

Without fear, jumping over the void only to reach greener patches of freedom. Fight for it. Fight against it. Fight for your skin, neck, lips, waist, wherever he could ever touch you. Fight for the misaligned thoughts and views that this world is weighing you down with. Fight against “log kya kahenge?”. Those words will kill you faster than a serrated knife piercing your ribs, twisting every second. You are beautiful, every passing second, every approaching day. Shine through the darkness caging you into norms. Walk with your head held high, walk with the sensuous stride. Look them in the eye, cage them with your blinding aura. Don’t turn back into the mists of your past, don’t bow down to the ghosts that haunt your night. Fight back and fight strong. People will whisper, people will stare. Wear your insides, outside. Wear your hair loose, and your face smiling. Smile at them, rise against them.
Every morning that one particular weight will hold you to gravity. Start up your jetpack, your heart. Fly away from this world, make one of your own. Live within it, live without humanity. A shining, big diamond hovers over you. You only have to reach out to touch it. Walk with your soul, holding you close, whispering to you the magic beyond your world. Hold on for it. You will be battered in this fight, your heart will fail, your soul will take you through. Don’t get paranoid, listen closely. All that faint whispering calling out to you? It’s the sound of your own kind. Run to them, battle with them. Stand next to each other. Nothing matter when you have a reason to fight. Don’t worry about men, situations and pride. Worry about where you will in the future. If you don’t fight, who else will?

Dedicated to my friend, who had to go through sexual harassment. I will not name her, but she needs the confidence now, more than ever.


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