Jump Off.

If one day you find out you have 10 minutes to spend the rest of your life, before you die out in shades of grey and white, what would you do? Would you run out of hospice care and shout at the top of your lungs? Or would you give away all the money in your pockets to the first disabled man on the road, begging for half a slice of bread for his kid? Would you spend those minutes, staring across the great blue sky, wondering if you lived enough to make going out in 10 minutes worth the pain? Would you grab your lover’s hand, kiss it and confess all the love you hold for them? Would you make living in the present another chore? 

We waste so much time working for our future selves, running, sweating, eating well, buying the best, driving around, and we seldom pay attention to the soul we need to feed that’s there within us in the present. We feed egos, negativity, fights. We make fun of the people who actually do live in their presents, because they believe it’s a gift. A gift that they can cherish for their whole lives because it’s a new gift everyday. We loathe the men and women who live only for themselves, because we never find the courage within ourselves to actually fight for our passions. We die each day by losing our gifts, our interests and our loves. Each day wasted is another 24 hours spent in sheer monotony of not recognizing the real person who lives within us. 

You spend days wondering if you are making your loved ones happy, if you have done enough to make yourself content. Did you ever think that instead of working on that Excel sheet with the company reports, if you had just stepped outside in the rain and played a bit of football on Juhu beach with those beautiful children. Your soul craves for recognition and that’s the only way you will be happy. No amount of ego, selfishness and dishonesty will ever help you the day you are lying on your deathbed knowing you are closer to jumping off the final cliff. Save yourself, save your soul. It’s the only reason why distress signals are named thus. 



  1. It’s a little funny that you chose to write about such a thought when it was just yesterday while flying at about 4000′ over Haripura Dam, which is actually a very pretty water body to look at from up in the air, that I was wondering about how those few minutes are like when you are free falling under gravity. Do you get overwhelmed by the mesmerising view all around you or just the rush of blood in to your head takes over you, leaving you pumped up with adrenaline?
    And then another thought hit me. What if the parachute fails to open and you’re nearing death, or you jumped purposely without such a gear present with you in the first place? The adrenaline shortens your response time, making each second seem like a minute or maybe more!
    So think about it. Those minutes counting down as you plunge towards a definite death, do you feel liberated? Because it won’t take even a second after the the impact that you turn from a physical being to what you really are; The soul. You surely won’t feel any pain, because it takes a lapse of a few moments before your brain registers anything. Reaction time? You’re dead and free as a spirit within those milliseconds. Why must it won’t be any thing but Pure Liberation of your soul?
    So if you ask me, i’ll surely like a 10 min free fall over gorgeous Himalayas if I knew I’ve got only 10 mins to spare!


    1. I would love the same thing. The feeling of being liberated and actually being able to enjoy the last task of your life, the task of only having to gulp in a few breaths of air, let your heart beat a couple more times and then finally see yourself arising out of your own physical body.


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