My child, fly away in all your glory,
Let me sing you a little story.
The tears were evaporating off that face,
The hands leaving without a trace,
The depths of his heart filled with the laughter of bygones,
The shrieks of her past would become the lure of stories beyond.
When time came around to hold them together,
The wait for hostility made them walk,
In the risk of hatred, they blossomed as love,
The world was insane and they cried to each other,
Every moment lost was another push into the abyss of dejection.
Abhorred him, she did.
Resented his own heart, he did.
He saw her sleeping next to him in that taxi ride,
To his rules, she would abide,
Forthcoming in their love, truest for each other,
Would it be so strong had it not been such a bother?
He waved her goodbye and cried a bit inside,
She saw him walk away to another one on the opposite side.
He consumed himself within the confines of another,
Never letting go of the girl who would have been his childs’ mother.
So listen again, my sweet child,
Hope is all that you can ever have,
But for a boy who fell in love with the girl from an abyss,
It is the only thing he could ever cherish.


1 Comment

  1. “Abhorred him, she did.
    Resented his own heart, he did”

    This reminds me of the days when I used to write. The way you’ve conjured up these lines, the very asymmetrically rhymes, so nostalgic.
    I think I can aptly christen you with the name The Lingerer.

    Hopes never felt this beautiful..


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