Let me…

Lie back against that faraway pillow, let me crawl to you. I want to come as near as I can, so I can smell the thoughts of food in your head, hear the songs playing in a loop inside your brain, and feel the way you really do think about me. Let me help you cozy up on this cold night, let me tuck you in. Let me help you sleep gently, smile while you think of me, and I smile back. As the chill weaves in between us, let me hold you closer so the warmth of us engulfs us inside. What’s the need for sweaters and blankets, my love? We only need each other. Let me fix your hair, I won’t let anyone touch you. Let me hold your arm, while you pull me away from the crowd. Let me see your eyes when I press my hands against your cheeks and all the while I know you’re only thinking of me.

Let’s go sit by the stream on the hillside, you can sleep on my lap and play your guitar. Let me hum the song you love, right next to you. Let me sleep on top of you, the gentle beating of your slow heart, against my ear. I hear it well. Everything is frozen north of us, things are burning south of us. Let’s sit in this perfect little day and make the most of what we need to say to each other. Let’s only sit here till infinity, sway to the sounds of the birds and water rushing by our feet. Your naked feet against mine, all of us against the perfectly smelling grass. Right at this moment, I’m so vulnerable for you but let me only hold you a moment closer.

Look at me while I listen to you speak your perfect words when you do. You will be as distant to me in the near future as you are close to me right now. If only you would see why I do what I do when I do, language would never be needed. Let me only see you for a minute more, see you twist your nose in disagreement to the songs I play, see you widen your eyes at astonishment because of the kisses I give while you drive, see you glance at me every time I’m not looking back. Let me be your muse and you should be mine. That’s what you are, because I write about you and I write for you. It’s not new, and you’re not my first, but this is only nice because you came at the right time. Let me just tell the world what you mean to me because this is why it would matter. Let me pull you away from all of your distractions, kiss you on your forehead and whisper that I love you. I adore you, as intensely and as aloof as I can be. 


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