The free soul.

A free soul. The essence of a person truly free, from the wants and disgusting entrapments of a materialistic world. A soul as free as the moving clouds in the blue sky, as loose as air rushing past your cheeks, as beautiful as a lone flower in a concrete jungle. The reason of a free soul is the very essence of freedom. The essence of things that have died but taken birth in a more fulfilling manner. The free soul is a jazz symphony in a chaotic world.

Throughout the moulding of one, the soul meanders through disappointments and civil rules. It has to make way through the shutter of a lens that looks at a dying world, through the eyes of a color blind. The free soul makes sure it knows it’s free, so the pieces of the chains that once held it within its realm, are now slowly falling away as second skin. In the soul’s subtle traps lie it’s emancipation.

A free soul. Emanates radiance and happiness from every part of its singular existence. The rising happiness from a past too hurtful. Through it’s words, action and line of sight, it makes sure that other souls know of it’s existence. The free soul never stops at knowing. It cannot I be stopped from clutching at its happiness because it knows the true value of happiness. The soul that doesn’t require another for absolute contentment is the free soul.

It dances, moulds itself into human form. The kindness of the soul derived from the past of pain, defiances and absences. The free soul generates happiness in bargain for a sense of satisfaction from its surroundings. A free soul is truly free.

I wish you are all someday, a free soul, to realize what happiness truly, essentially means in this road called life.


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