I love you, ever so slightly

You are my true being, the one form of life I require. In the cold breeze of the night, you make me into the lover that I need to be. Love you from every part of my soul and human form to know what I have been made into. The distance from you is the cravings of flesh and touch. The warmth of you is the single ray of sunshine in a 0 degree ice cave. The love for you being the kind stories are made of and the macabre ending of which I do not desire. Every day, every moment away from you drives me mad into the arms of another. But it’s another piece of flesh, just another body. I have become just another human and have ceased existing as the human. We are the only two souls of this world, our world and you are away. To get into what our future and death holds for us, amalgamate with me. To turn our days in to one long day at the end of which life ceases to exist. The night being one where the moonlight sifts in through the scattered clouds of our negativity.
I have been born to touch you as the perfect human that you are. You took birth to show me the way to you. We have been away to know the acute pain we experience in distance. The days turn into a haze in a time warp. My hours turn into seconds and I don’t have enough time with you. Knowing you makes me into the crude animal with the experienc es of a newborn. I realize now I have one life and it is not enough to love you with all my complete being and now you’re still away from me. The known ways of couples and men and women in love do not come to me. My sleep goes away and my mind is distancing from the body.
The moments spent lying on a bed thinking about you do not let me go without you. The cravings become too hard to bear and I do not have enough words to express what it would mean to just hold your hands and smile at you. Many years have been spent thinking about you, knowing you slowly and waiting for a chance to show you that you are not just a person but the epitome of human beauty and expression. Your voice makes me weak and your eyes make me want to fall deeper in love. I don’t think there is more to this apart from merging as one. I know what I feel and no one will know. The intense feelings of knowing you inside out and knowing you some more drives me mad.
I can always like them, maybe will myself to like them but it’s never to know them like the way I want to know you. Every moment of each day is a pain without having to see you or hold you and it is only the love I have for you that makes me go on knowing that you are happy so many miles away from me.
It would take the world a million years to know what we feel and it will be the most beautiful thing they would see. The bursts of pure feelings that make me jump onto you every morning and hold you every night, is all for you.
This is my greatest gift to you, my pure love for you. I don’t ask for it back.


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