Through love and despair

Amongst the pouring stream of teardrops, falling onto her lap,

She looked at her fallen piece

The living being born of her, part of her

Struggling to look at his mother.

The many years that passed between mother and child

Loveless and struggling to make it to money

She felt his cold hands and called him “son”

The last ebbs of life slipping away from his heart

Staying awake to hear his mother say the words that

He never heard from her.

She broke his heart and resisted the pain he gave her

Only to find she lost him while she thought.

Many days passed for the lovesick childless mother

Who couldn’t take the fear anymore

The fear of a lonely death not marred by the lack of love.

Every moment of every day she thought of leaving

She stayed to see if God existed and faith was present.

Until the day she saw her

Lonely, sitting under a tree, the child counted disfigured stones

Like the life she lived, disfigured by the people she loved

Sent to live off dead memories and plants.

Everyday a hell to go through slowly snaking around

Woman and child saw each other, flickering candle lights shining

In liquid pools of tears

She goes near the torn child and picks her up

Vowing to herself she will not let her be her son

In the midst of the broken heart she promised to her child

She promised to fix her and slowly stitch her pieces

Etching fine lines across her face

She kissed the child to sleep

Amongst the pouring stream of teardrops, falling onto her lap,

She looked at her mother, her only being

Torn between pain and sadness, she held her hand

“I love you, mother” she whispered the words into her ears

She passed on as slowly as she came, knowing for once

Her daughter was the son she once lost who came back again.


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