From beauty divine

She was a girl from never-heard-of,

Off to find life amongst pieces of rock.

On the way she met a charming boy,

Who acted too sweet and made her coy.

They held hand and ran off in the sunset

And find darkness to hit reset.

She walked behind, he led the way

To discover pieces of paper in colored disarray.

Each held one up against the light,

Wanting to taste freedom without their inner fights.

He saw her shed herself, to give up to music

Standing in the light of faith’s choosing

They faced the sounds and stood in glory

Only to find the sights were not all hunky dory.

Dead beings climbed out the floor

Caught them and shred out their souls.

While they moved away from the field,

Then came the little men who saw them soar

Ten little men walked up to her,

Told her she was as beautiful as the queens of lore.

Ten little men walked up to him,

Told him he died amongst the corpses of the famed divine.

She grew happy and he got scared

Ten little men on a quest to fulfill their order of faith.

Amongst the banality of sound, she saw waves of music and color,

He was on the ground, smelling the dead men’s odor.

She saw him at the bottom without skin or flesh

As she looked away, she saw the sunset

In the midst of flowers smelling fresh

She kept moving in tune of the music,

He kept still and listened for the ghosts that wished him ill.

She saw her beauty amongst the dead and dying rocks

While he waited to die,

Of heartache and shock.

She was the girl from never-heard-of

In hand with the corpse of a man from far off

They saw each other in different lights

She was the goddess of all things beautiful

And he became the creature who dared to cross

Her divine path.


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