My letter to You


My dearest little child

It will be many years when you will be born and I will be older than what I am now. I do not know who your father will be but you will be a huge part of me. I have had many losses in my life to tell you that I will cherish you like my piece of a diamond. You will be my Hope diamond. Your birth will be celebrated because it will be the happiest moment of my life, more than your daddy and me coming in holy matrimony. I do not know how much life will wear me out when I have you in my life so I’m writing you this letter to help you go past a certain phase of your life. You will find this letter next to you, one day, when I feel you are ready to read it. We would be putting all of our life and soul into helping you three growing up as normally as possible, but since you are my daughter, you have to learn in advance how the world will see you.

This world that you will be born into will be very cruel. Being your parents, it will be our job to provide the most for you but you have to work yourself to find your identity. You will find people who will mistreat you and look down upon you, but never forget that your mother thinks you’re the most beautiful creature alive. Whatever you do in life or whatever you want to become, you will never be stopped. But you should know that you have to always keep your self respect intact. When you will go to high school, you will meet many girls who will try and teach you how to get boys interested or how to pull off the latest fashion. I have been there too and it is not a good decision to follow. Always keep yourself different from those girls and get your own weird friends. They will always support you and wish the best for you. I would hate to see you ever down and depressed over any high school boyfriend that you may end up with. Always choose your men carefully. Choose the men who can make you laugh and touch you gently. Be with a man who will treat you with the same respect as he treats his own family with. I have had many failed relationships and learnt a lot from each of them. But the most crucial thing is, you have to learn to love yourself before you are ready to love anyone else. It is only then baby, that you will be able to stand up for yourself and them when the time arises. You will make a lot of mistakes but always learn from them and you will be a happier woman. Your mother has reached this stage because after a million mistakes and goof ups, she managed to find her Prince Charming J

Never, ever, ever lose the people you love and care about for money, prosperity or fame. You can always get back your money or fame, but never the people you lose. I will always be around to catch you when you fall but you have to take the leap first. I will always have your back and destroy anyone who tries to hurt you. You will have some days when you start hating me for what I tell you, but please understand it is all for you. For you to be a better human being. Baby, don’t ever let any man tell you that you’re not good enough for him. The fact that you will be a beautiful lady is proof enough that my work wouldn’t have gone in vain. You should have the self esteem to tell him to look somewhere else because you will always get the best. You will be loved so much that you never have to search for perfection, if you are graceful enough, it will all come to you.

You may be born in India, but I will try my best this doesn’t happen. Even if you are, you need to learn the first fact about country that women are not respected. The way daddy or your brothers treat you is small portion of respect that you will get. I have gone through all of this, little one. Never be scared of anyone who disrespects you. Give it back to him. This place is filled with chauvinists and I will try my best to protect you but learn to defend yourself. You will be taught when you are old enough. The only basic thing I wanted to tell you from this small letter was that you will never disrespect yourself. The more you love and care for yourself the more you will grow. But you will have to differentiate between loving yourself and being arrogant. I will be around.


Love forever and beyond



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