You there!!

I am not a soulless piece of meat. I have not boarded this bus or train solely for your entertainment or satisfaction, whichever verb you prefer. Oh yes, I also own a pair of breasts that you do not own. Don’t you dare look at them maliciously like you were born to hold on to them for dear life. You think that I don’t notice and that all is fine and dandy in Pervertville. I’m sorry, but it’s not. You deserve to have your sexual organ tied to the exhaust of a truck and made to go on a tour of a field of nails. I have male family members and my best friends are males, but you’re a demon, you deserve to be exorcised the same way. You need to be pulled out from your roots and thrown in a faraway place. You don’t even deserve to live, let alone walk.

Every day that you look at any girl with those monstrous eyes, I hope that you’re dying of cancer from inside. When I see you catching my eye in a mall and instantly your gaze goes down to my chest whether I’m wearing a t-shirt or a kurta, it makes me want to maul you to death. The very fact that you sometimes cannot make out the size of my breasts, you look for longer, you shameless piece of shit. I notice everything. But I cannot say anything because this is no country for women. I am ashamed that you call yourself an Indian and expect to get away with such notoriety. Every time you even think of grazing against a girl, you should flog yourself in your own mind, if you have any amount of remorse or shame left. If you don’t realize where you were born from or who gave birth to you, you don’t deserve the existence granted to you. I won’t have you trying your best to grope me whenever I’m not paying attention to the presence of perverted little men like you. I won’t even have you looking at me like you own my skin, you will be slapped be sure of that.

So what if the police is apathetic in this country? I have my own two hands to do something about pigs like you. I can’t even label your lot as animals considering I’m an animal lover and their varied species are much more refined than Homo sapiens. You deserve the sick life that you live, rot in the filth of your own thoughts.  This is the life you chose for yourself, a life of no self-respect, no humanity and loveless. I pity your kind and I gloat at the fact that you will never know love the way I do from my man. You will spend your whole lives either committing the gross acts that your society has taught you or you will spend your life running away from it. Every day that you start thinking with your penis, be sure of the fact that there are a million men standing up for me. The million men who value humanity and my worth of existence.

It is hard to ever explain to your maggot-infested brain why you should value the life of a woman. If it ever helps…YOU WERE GIVEN BIRTH TO BY ONE.  


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