I Exist

I have a story to tell. The story of why I was born. This is the story of why the cosmos worked in harmony to help my mother give birth to me. It wasn’t a biological process that led to my birth, it was magic. The magic that needed a bit of love, care and happiness between my parents so that is what the universe intended to do when it brought them together.

I was born to shake my faith in normalcy and accept the extraordinary in life. Born to see things in this world through a multicolored kaleidoscope.  I didn’t take birth to be told everyday what my aims in life should be. I wasn’t born to live someone else’s life because what I have is beautiful enough to have another person come and ruin it for me. I was born to change someone’s life, make someone believe in me. That someone will be the one sharing two lives with me. I took birth only to fall in love and live in its midst. I have not hurt neither will I. Why I live is to change the world, change it for my future and my children. I have been granted a mission to protect mother earth from destruction and I will. I was born to have everything taken away from me once in my life for me to notice why life was actually granted to me. I am here to take life back from who has control over it.

The only reason why I celebrate my birthday is to remind myself that I have changed lives. I have helped someone realize their own worth and make them happy, so they share the kaleidoscope with me. Failing at what I excel in, heartbreak, rejection and loss of faith, is what I was born to see. To see and change myself for the better. I was born to see my children being born. To see their beautiful, happy smiles, playing on the beach, calling out to me for help in their castle-building. To go back into my beloved arms to watch them play.

I took birth to reach a higher consciousness, to connect to higher callings. I want to connect with nature, music and human touch. This is why I was born. This is why anyone is ever born. Taking birth and being born are two different things.

You take birth once but you are born as many times as you want to be. 


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