No country for women

“Looking for a tall, fair, beautiful bride who should be willing to give up her career after marriage”. This is a matrimonial ad in a famous Indian daily newspaper. It’s not rare, one of the many million misogynistic ads for brides that are placed everyday. India is a country of high expectations but obnoxiously low deliverance. We expect people to be free but believe that woman should not work after marriage. Why? Oh, because her sole duty after marriage is to give all her time to the in-laws and husband. She should be submissive and never answer back or argue with her husband. Women here are sold. Sold, because in some parts of the country most of the women are dead as they have been murdered. They are all part of the missing statistics in the country where female feticide, dowry killings, acid throwing, domestic violence have claimed their precious lives. Babies killed or buried alive, all of this is rampant in a country that calls itself part of the developed world.  I don’t think even 3rd world countries mete out such disgusting behavior to their women.  But, we’re a nation of a billion people how does the absence of 50 million females matter at all? You see, because we have lost an equivalent of almost half the population since the 60’s. Also, women of the lower strata of society have more guts to come out in public and let the world know they were mistreated, but the ones in the upper society, the richer women, do not come out in the open. It could be because a lot of unnecessary importance is given to the status of the men and their families. One single piece of news of ill treatment doesn’t warrant much attention.

I come from a family of liberalists. My mother and father are both free thinkers but what is weird is that they tend to make an issue of me wearing a sleeveless top in the Delhi metro. Now I tend to exaggerate issues which are small but nonetheless this makes a difference. What sort of country has this become where I have to walk with usually an arm folded behind so that no one grabs my ass? What do you call a country where women are blatantly leered at, looked upon as sexual objects and their photos are taken every time they step out? I tend to like the company of men more than that of women. Does that mean I have sexual relations with every man I have a beer with? This is what I get when I talk to anyone who is elder to me when I tell them I’m hanging with a guy-friend (“beta bach ke rehna” – be careful, child). Yes, it makes sense because every man in this country is either looking for sex or ruining the life of women (Sarcasm). Then what sense does it make to even be born in this country. Who cares if we have women? The rate at which we are dying out, there will be a day when women too will join the endangered species list and this is one species the humans (read : men) do not care to save.

Rape has now taken over as form of politics and a weapon of war. Considering the fact that the armed forces in this country have been granted a free rein to rape, pillage and murder anyone they feel like because they protect the country (AFSPA, 1958). What sort of brainless logic is that? (Yes, I do understand that I used brainless and logic as part of the same sentence). So now we have a country where a daughter is killed because she has a vagina and maybe later she will be part of dowry hassles, and then we have a mother who will also be killed because she gave birth to a female. Yes, this is logic alright. Now, I hope the males can read the scientific basis that I’m giving for a male being born. It is intrinsic that the gametes produced by females are only XX chromosomes. The male carries either an X or a Y chromosome. So the default child that should be born is a female. Also, development of sexual characteristics in a fetus happens only due to the activation of a single gene (SRY gene), the inactivation of which may lead to the birth and development of a female. I do not want to go into details of this process which may take a while to be explained. Also the Y chromosome is at least 75% smaller than the X chromosome which makes me question the relevance of the egos associated with masculinity.

I am not a feminist that I have to sit and present my views upon this subject. It is only because of the stifling freedom or complete absence of it, which makes me cringe. I cringe at the fact that some men in this country are under the impression that they have rights of sexual dominance over a woman’s body. I cry at the fact that so many daughters being born, breathing their first gulps of air as soon as they are delivered, are killed off meticulously by the parents and maybe later their mothers are also murdered. I abhor the fact that men in this country laugh off the subject of their equals dying as being “bakwas” (ridiculous talk).  It is the biggest issue plaguing us at the moment since our economy is anyway the worst the world could have ever seen. In a country run by a government lacking a pair of essential organs, this is what I present to you. 


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