The End.

…that she had so carefully decorated their room with. She starts crying more and goes to bed without dinner or changing and sleeps off. He hears the noise coming from inside the bedroom, but lets it fade away from his focus. After he was done with his work, he gets up from the couch and walks towards the bedroom only to open the door to a mess. There were shards of glass everywhere, and drops of blood around them. He noticed her sleeping on the bed, with blood trickling off her feet, hanging from the edge of the bed. He left the room and came back with a bandage to put on her feet. After having carefully cleaned the blood and wrapped the bandaging around her feet, he put a blanket over her and kissed her forehead. He went for shower and found the empty bottle of vodka. He was overcome with a heavy sense of despair and sadness at what was happening to them. Their perfect love story was being torn apart by silence and a lack of touch. The moments spent on rainy days, just looking at each other, reading books or listening to the music they both enjoyed, felt like a memory from another decade. He couldn’t feel what was going on inside her head because she had stopped talking, stopped telling him that he was the most beautiful, exquisite creature she had ever met. He never told her how bionic she was anymore. He saw her in the light of angels, while she slept peacefully but in pain from her wounds.

“Why can’t we start off again, dear? You are my only family, my whole life put in your small, fragile body. I want to love you and show you off, never to back out on my promises” he whispered in her ear.

She turned towards him, opened her eyes and smiled at him. She smiled a radiant smile to let him understand that she felt everything he said. “Because we’re the only soulmates who repel each other” she whispered back.

They stared at each other for a very long time. The silence bore down and eventually she gave up, whimpered and cried again. Her tears hitting the pillow silently, while she looked at him. He had silent tears streaming out of his eyes and he touched her face. Her smooth skin, tender hands, soft hair, he ran his fingers everywhere. A cold wind was blowing outside and he held her close to himself. She tucked her head in his chest and kissed him. His lips caressed her forehead and slowly he ran his fingers across her back to calm her down. She looked up at him, smiled and went on to kiss him passionately, like it was her last day with him. He wrapped his arms around her, pushed back her head and kissed her neck tenderly while going down towards her chest. He kissed her collarbone and took off her oversized t-shirt that she always wore to bed. Underneath the faint moonlight streaming through the windows above, he looked at her body. Her perfect breasts, exposed to the chill in the room, her pale, smooth skin which always smelt like something only perfumeries’ could smell of, the soft curve of her waist that ended on the rear even actresses would be jealous. He kept kissing her all throughout the body while she gently unbuttoned his shirt and felt his naked body against her cold skin. They moved together to the gentle calm that had fallen around them after so many days, the peace that both of them felt being part of each other, being one, let them give in to their lost passions.  In those moments spent with being a part of the other, they felt their insecurities give away to happiness.

“Let’s freeze our moment here, my love”, she whispered and nibbled his ear.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean let us not go beyond this moment. Do you think you can ever live without me?” she asked him, in a hushed tone.

“No I can’t. I don’t even want to. You are everything to me, even my source of life”

“Neither can I live without you. And it’s getting hard for us to live with each other too.”

She picked up her t-shirt from the floor and walked towards the cupboard. She opened her locker where she kept her diamonds, and instead of diamonds came back with two 9mm’s.

“Here, take this” she handed one to him.

“What is wrong with you? Why are you doing this?” he looked at her with tears falling down his face.

“Because I cannot live without you, and I would rather die a thousand times than be away from you. I know you have been sad and I have been too. But don’t you see, we have loved each other enough to last us forever. I cannot be in despair anymore and I want to take it away from you. This way we will be happy, our hearts will cease beating together and we will go away quietly. Our souls will look at each other, smile and always be next to each other. I have seen the world and so have you; we have lived a rich and perfect life. I think now is the time I want to give away my body so that no other feeling apart from the love that I have for you, will ever creep into my heart.”

He looked at her in bewilderment but slowly realized what she was saying was true all along. He held her hand and took her into the balcony. He asked her to stay there and went back in. He came back with a full size mirror and started undressing her and made her look at herself. He was standing naked next to her too. They faced each other, gun in their hand positioned right above their hearts.

“I love you, Keyara” he looked into her eyes and mouthed the words.

“And I love you, Devon”

They held hands tight, and smiled at each other, took a long breath and pulled the trigger together. The sound of the shattering lives and the coming together of love resounded across the universe.

She woke up screaming, bathed in cold sweat and realized he was awake next to her, sweating too.

“I saw us die…”

“I did too. I saw us pulling the trigger together and dying in each other’s arms” he panted

“Baby, we had the same dream. I think this means something that both of us have to understand now” she said, not looking at him but instead at her own palm, where she saw his blood.

“What is it?”

“I will not let go of you. If you die I will follow you, but I will not let go without a fight. You and I will be us again and we will make this work. For a future together, to see you grow old beside me, and to end our lives in each other’s arms, while the sun sets”

“I love you. Let’s go back to sleep and forget about this. I will make you breakfast in bed, your favorite pancakes.”

She smiled and fell asleep on his chest.



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