When he said “I Love You”

It has become an elusive search for three words. The three words that can make a heart stop or render tachycardia. The three words that I’ve heard from so many people but hearing it from one person, that individual, makes my life worthwhile.

We all crave to hear the words, I Love You. Just three words and it can create so much difference between life and death. Death is when you know you love him but it is a futile attempt at trying to hear the words. Life is when you know you have forever to convey things. We live our lives and pass into the unknown, but love makes the journey worthwhile.

He said, “My love is simple and never asks for too much.  You have made me want to spend all my time with you, be it waking or sleeping. You have made me forget logic when I thought I was the most practical, logical person I knew. I don’t know what you have done or how it ever came down to this, but you make tangles loosen up. You are the end of my troubles, my uncertainty and hopelessness. I hear your voice and my life automatically starts sorting itself. I don’t care for gifts much but I have the greatest gift for you, it’s my love. My love in all its purity, naivety and childishness. And it is only for you. You make me want to hold you and never let go so that I can call you my own. I don’t need a big day to remember or realize what I have with you, but every little thing that has made me fall deeper into this wonderful abyss that you taught me, is love. It’s as simple as it gets, my dear, and it is only between us”

I write about the magnanimity of love. Of how it is the end-all of life, as we know it. But I failed to realize the simplicity staring at me. The simple gesture calls out to me and I still believe in the complexity of love. Love is complex when I made it to be. It’s hurtful, having your heart broken. But, a simple kiss from someone who claims all of the things mentioned above, and life is beautiful again. We sing songs of love and dance with vigor to the beats of the songs intertwining with our heartbeats. I dance too. I dance to let go of my sorrows, my burdens without having to feel them pulling me down. He looks at me from the end of the magnificent hall, looks with intense pride. The pride which I realize, is because I’m his. He knows that he has me and feels sorry for the men who lost me. He makes sure I understand what he says with his touch and his eyes, and that’s all we ever needed.

Love is simple and we never have to make it complex to know how gut-wrenchingly beautiful it can get.   


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