Of Bollywood and world peace..

We want world peace! Says every hippie, priest, government, teacher, preacher, environmentalist etc. And what exactly is that, I ask? Oh well it’s nothing but the cessation of wars and bombing each other. So just because the bombs in the world go away, we would hypothetically arrive at a point called world peace. But is this really it? What will happen to humanity without its constant strife, jealousy, religious wars? What will happen to the world?

I do not mean to instigate everyone to take up arms and just fight each other but peace is such a dream, which cannot be achieved. People will be forced to lay down their weapons and demolish their arsenals and stare at each other. Because that is the only way, you will be able to get your feelings out. Yes, by wishing ill about the other. We talk about love and happiness but the way I see it, humanity is lights years away from reaching earthly nirvana. Music helps though.  We listen to people giving discourses about enlightment and similar bullshit, but at the end of the day, there is not much change in the way we look at people.

We, mankind, love our chaos! For e.g. India. India is a vast country with so many different states and more coming up (a new state just took birth last evening). We call ourselves the world’s largest democracy and look at us. We try and stop English as being a language in the country. Some of our leaders believe women shouldn’t go to school or even wear denims. That makes me think if we’re allowed to wear leopard print leggings, ‘cause we be lookin’ fine then! It’s absolute chaos and disarray in this country, everyone wants to kill each other but we cannot do it. Scams everyday, rapes, murders. You’d even half believe India is the macrocosm of Gotham (with smelly, hairy people; generally it smells bad in this country, all the time) and hopefully we get some Batman.

But it’s really not that bad. I mean, yes, we might someday be invaded by aliens and we won’t have enough weapons to fight them off because we finished most of ours fighting each other. What the hell! We have Bollywood. We can use it for the whole world. The dhinchak music with the garish clothes and such perfect love, that world peace will beg us to take it in. Yes, that is how we do it. And when we have to fight with the aliens, we bring them down with our music, and with the lyrical atrocities that we subject our people to, we will do the same for the aliens also. They will fall over like a bunch of dominos and we will be kings of the universe. That is exactly what Krissh hopes to achieve (he is an Indian superhero, jumping around suspended by ropes).


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