Breathe now

With the end of the age of storytelling, we, as a race of higher beings, have now mostly lost it all. No more creation of new worlds, no more magic flying around, no more children sitting in awe and horror as the stories take a life of their own.

We sit in air conditioned offices all day, get out and drive home. Eat readymade food, and more often than not, don’t have enough time to sit down with the family for a small chat. It could be about how the kids missed their bus, got their lunch stolen or just some loving touches between the parents. I don’t know many families where every member sits down without gadgets or technology by their side. Sure, it’s a brilliantly connected world. But do we really need to be this connected? Why not take some time out to just glance outside for a moment, maybe with a cup of coffee. Why don’t we have a party where checking-in at the place isn’t that necessary and everyone can just go without looking at their phone? Why don’t we still have 13 year olds that are innocent, the ones who don’t know the inside out of sexual fantasies?

The human race is not being killed with all this stupidity, just strangling itself while enjoying the joys of the world. Why don’t we walk? We have two legs, shoes for everyone. Why not just walk? Walk to the neighbourhood, and then walk a bit ahead until maybe you realize that you missed out on a huge part of your own city because you drive. Small parks that you wouldn’t even have noticed from your car may just emerge from the next corner. Children skipping ropes, counting marbles and smiling and waving at passing vehicles. These are the reasons that make us human.

It’s a beautiful feeling, being smiled at. One smile a day can lead to a billion happy memories. I believe we have forgotten the importance of just a smile or an appreciation towards another. It is hard to go by every day, but hey, being happy is more important. Travel the world or just the country, eat exotic food, buy yourself good clothes, enjoy the sound of a guitar on a Sunday morning, play with children and just create your own happy memories.

The pain and sorrows of this world bog us down. But it doesn’t forever weigh us down; we weigh ourselves down by thinking about the sadness. The task of over thinking is so massive; it drains the life force out of people.  It has never helped anyone, neither will it help ever.

It’s not worth writing about things unless some good comes out of it. Unless people believe in your words, your actions and your contagious charm. Until you show to the world the ease with which you carry yourself everyday and make everyone jealous. It’s not worth it unless the world is a happier and a more content place. 


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