You shine so bright

I am your world, am I not? I am also the person you might hate most. But I will make sure you love me a tiny bit within all that hate. I am your 3am best friend and your pancake thief. I am your perfect stylist and your annoying pinky-holder.
I will give a part of my heart, when I can and I will want you to keep it locked within a million safes. I do not promise things that I will never be able to give to you, but I promise to you this. That I will blow you a kiss whenever I catch your eye in a room full of people and have the satisfaction of knowing you love me dearly. I will whisper sweet-somethings in your ears, the things that you want to listen to in the midst of confusion and utter disarray.
You are my ray of hope in this world of insanity. I will hold you still while the world passes by and I will always make sure you dream pure. In the middle of your nightmares, I will come save you and then you can dream peacefully. I will stay up nights with you talking to you over unfinished wine and sponge cake. I will play tag with you, naked.
The words I say come from within this heart, small but beating to keep me alive. I live and so do you. I love and you do too. I will pick out little flowers for you and strew them on your bed. I will wake you up, kiss you and make you sleep again. I will feel you every night, your warmth, your cozy hands, your warm breath in my ears. I will make you sleep among clouds and happy thoughts.
I will race you one day and be your girl the other. We will be heroes but just for a day. We will be us forever. We will make this world see us and glare in envy, and we will give pieces of us as keepsake. You can show me how the world works and I will follow.
Sometimes I may not want you, but you will know that I will always need you. My wants, my needs and my necessity will be yours to fulfill. I will scream your name in anger and in love, love more importantly.
I will grow old and fade with you but the warmth we will leave behind for our children will not fade. I will be yours in sickness and happiness and I will not let the world come in. My ruins will never be yours to see, but yours are always mine. Sadness is what I will take from you to bargain happiness into your life. We will spend our lives entangled in each other to straight perfection. You will be the perfect human for me. You will be my world and no one can shake my faith till this heart is beating…


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