Pieces of the fallen

When you see me, am I your unfulfilled fantasy?
Am I the magnet to your ground?
Am I the storm in your cloudless sky?
Is my touch the kind you hear in stories?

You thought I was to keep,
I am the sand in your clenched fist
I will be the flame in your jar of water
Come in my embrace, dear
I’m going to build you a fire
And the cinders of my love will bring you down

The vanity of your unhindered existence marred
By the pieces of my being
The mirror of our hopes
Shattered by the swarms of your anger
Those dreams in a tangled web of
Your deceit and lies

Those children waiting to be born,
Waiting for a hope.
The heartaches, heartbreaks and insanity, connected to you
Binding us to you.
When you see the drops of broken love
Falling to the ground
Hold my hand dear
And let us drink to one more cheer.


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