I wish you a brilliant birthday, Tanee!

It’s a beautiful feeling knowing you’re another year into your life, another year full of experiences. Where we had started off from, from the time we were 3 years, now 2 decades have passed and we still remain the same. You will remain the sister I never had, to listen to my rants, grumbles, talks of utter nonsense and still manage that hearty laugh that I love so much about you.

You will be the person who’s call I wait for most, on my own birthday (sorry to disappoint you this time, I hate airtel), the person to make skype plans with and dream about it, but knowing it’ll be ages when that will be fulfilled, the person to keep pets with in secrecy and never letting anyone know until we both get a disease, the person to skip with till we reach a lakh knowing we both are just cheating with numbers, the person with whom I have a ‘life-flashing-before-my-eyes’ experience and laugh about it, the person who I miss agonisingly and hate for going to my home without me in it L

I know there will be days when we cannot manage to keep in touch with each other for many days, weeks or months but you will know I’m always there for you.

It’s your birthday, and a beautiful day at that. I hope you get 23 sparkling candles to blow out, so many presents and all the pretty things that you ever wished for in your life. I wish you go as crazy as you were with me. Don’t grow up, I would hate to see a different person from what I have known all this time. The one trying to dish up a sandwich in the middle of the night and coming back from the kitchen, with only bread and butter. Those 4 days that I spent with you were the best memories I have ever had in life, the ones that I actually remember.

My Diwalis and Holis were this awesome only because we celebrated together. All the 7 years I had spent around you made, the clutz, the impulsive girl I am today. I love you for giving me those amazing memories, the kind I want my daughter to experience. The kind I wish I had a camera to keep track of, all the time. I don’t want to use complicated words to describe my affection for you, so I’ll keep it simple. You’re the best!

Happy birthday, sunshine! You deserve the best and I hope this one day turned out exactly the way you wanted it to know that I miss celebrating birthdays together.

P.S. This is the best I could do. Hope you will like it!


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