You took me for a ride

I stand against my window wishing for this rain to stop, those tiny drops to stop

With my tobacco roll between my finger I smoke away your memories with each puff

Hoping to never see you, come back to you, feel you

The despair of your being, leaving me slowly,

Cleansing me out, your face melting away with the clouds.


What I want is for you to know, the times I rooted for you

The times disgust me, wrenching my guts

Making me queasy, so uneasy

Your thoughts have never made me happy

To think of it, remind me why we were together?


Those nights when you couldn’t sleep, I held you in my arms

The nights I couldn’t sleep, you turned away.

I kept you safe from all trouble, you turned out to be the source of mine.

Nights turned into days, you never turned into a man

It’s too late, I’m away.


You couldn’t digest being with a person when all you wanted was a thing

Did the one before me make you truly happy? Or do you think the next one will?

You’re so wrong my dear, you will never get what a man deserves

I’m off to find the man I need to keep

You can be to yourself agonizing over what you didn’t need.


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