The frozen time…

The frozen time, coming of life and death.

Chauvinist men and feminist women, bawling babies and barking dogs, falling leaves of a tree, change of seasons. They all represent the coming and going of time in this space. Everything ends to create a path for the new.

Death is but another adventure (as Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore rightly said so), another great time that a person will have knowing that the struggles of life are finally over to give rise to a time for just plain relaxation. For some people, the idea of another life is to be in heaven. But heaven is what you perceive and want not a place. Heaven for a musician would be a rock concert or a room full of guitars, for a serial killer it would be a great hall filled with people to kill (it’s a completely different theory that he will be sent to hell in the first place). For people in love, it’s just in the arms of another.

Does the death of a close person matter more to us than any other random person? Of course, undoubtedly. Why so is because we have so many emotions attached to them, so many feelings. But also realize that, with death comes new life. Maybe not to you, instantly, but it will come.

Death is like time-lapse photography, we’re stuck in limbo. But also we rise out of so many more things that bring us down. A man dying will realize the true meaning of what his life meant when he’s dying, will realize the meaning of so many moments spent, will know the meaning of colors and happiness. As a person close to me once said, “your life will flash before you one day, make sure it’s worth watching”.  


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